Science Outreach Minor

The Minor in Science Outreach (18 credits) will provide students with theoretical knowledge and practical experience necessary for careers that include the promotion of the public awareness and understanding of science, as well as for participation in informal science education. Educating the public about science has in recent years become a major component of the missions of research institutes, universities, science museums, science and nature centers, environmental or agricultural-based non-profits, non-governmental-organizations, extension arms of universities, and business and industry.  All of these offer career opportunities for students with interest in popularizing and communicating science for the general public.

Recognizing the interdisciplinary nature of science outreach, the Minor draws upon expertise from a number of departments to ensure that students are well equipped to address issues on outreach to the public.

Students are encouraged to contact the Program Director prior to signing up for the Minor to discuss their interest and class selections.

Learning goals:

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Minor Requirements:

Required (9 credits)

  • Introduction to science communication 11:374:103
  • Informal science education 05:300:355/11:374:335

Electives (9 credits from the below listings)


  • Communicating and teaching climate science 11:300:340
  • Visualizing information: Storytelling with data 11:374:240
  • Storytelling for science majors 11:374:310
  • Processes in human ecology 11:374:108
  • Improving communication through improv 07:965:498

Informal education/learning

  • Communicating science to informal audiences 11:628:307
  • Environmental education in the school curriculum 11:300 (or 704):416
  • Outreach in biology 01:119:104

Project development/management

  • Grant development and management 11:607:364
  • Foundations of program planning 11:607:401
  • Building community partnerships 11:607: 402
  • Grant writing 11:355:315