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The Trail is a student-run monthly newsletter, created in 2008 to provide the Rutgers community with current environmental news, faculty highlights, and eco-friendly ideas. Our mission is to create an opportunity through which young people can hone their written voice by developing a better understanding of outstanding or historical environmental issues and topics through research and experience Through the course of this endeavor it is our hope to foster our staff's growth as writers, and also as environmentalists, with that enthusiasm also being translated to our readers.


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Current Trail Staff, Spring 2018

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The Trail: Volume 10 - Issue 5

A note from the editors…

Dear Readers,
As we all know, April is a busy time on campus. With Earth Day on April 22nd, Ag Field Day on April 28th, and a slew of associated student events throughout the month, April brings a dose of Rutgers joy alongside the usual preparation for final exams and graduation. For this reason, we’ve published a short list of April events alongside our usual content, which includes a Campus Spotlight piece, several articles covering goings-on in marine ecology, a fascinating tale of avian evolution, and more. Please enjoy this 10th anniversary April edition of The Trail.

The Editors

In this Issue...

Page 2 April Events on Cook and Douglass!
Pages 3-5 Campus Spotlight: Life After College
Pages 6-8 As Permafrost Melts, We May Not Like What We Find
Pages 9-10 New Substance Proves Serious Muscle in Fighting Invasive Mussels
Pages 11-12 Can We Save the North Atlantic Right Whale?
Pages 13-14 Ocean to Table: Supermarkets Protecting Our Oceans
Pages 15-16 Greener Grass
Pages 17-18 Top 5 Must See Netflix Documentaries
Pages 19-20 Northern White Rhino Faces Extinction
Pages 21-22 Robin Hoods of the Sea
Pages 23-24 A Look at Fishing in the World’s Seas
Pages 25-26 A Potent Potential Paradigm that Prevents Poaching
Pages 27-28 Geo-Engineering and Agriculture
Pages 29-30 Celebrities Fighting for the Environment
Pages 31-33 Cultivating a Healthy Reef
Pages 34-35 The Many Faces of the Dark-Eyed Junco (Junco hyemalis)
Pages 36-38 Communicating Science Through Visuals Student Showcase (36-38)
Page 39 Trail Mix

Our Current EPIB Trail -- Apr 2018