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The Trail is a student-run monthly newsletter, created in 2008 to provide the Rutgers community with current environmental news, faculty highlights, and eco-friendly ideas. Our mission is to create an opportunity through which young people can hone their written voice by developing a better understanding of outstanding or historical environmental issues and topics through research and experience Through the course of this endeavor it is our hope to foster our staff's growth as writers, and also as environmentalists, with that enthusiasm also being translated to our readers.


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Current Trail Staff, Spring 2018

James Duffy
Kevin Gibney
Micah Gartenberg
Gabriella Grande

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James Duffy 
Gabriella Grande
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April Rastaetter
Amanda Zizack

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Kevin Gibney
Gabriella Grande
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The Trail: Volume 10 - Issue 7

Dear Readers,

What a year it’s been! It’s hard to believe that eight months have passed since we published our inaugural issue of the 2017-2018 school year—our tenth year of making The Trail! Now, the residence halls on campus are empty, students have moved to their summer homes, and campus will be a bit quieter for the next few months. Each year, we like to take this time to publish our special graduation edition, where our staff can show the community their creativity, sense of humor, or perhaps write about a topic they weren’t able to cover in our usual format. With that, we bring you our yearly graduation edition, and our last of the year. Inside you’ll find poetry, illustrations, creative writing, and some silliness that we hope you’ll find welcome after a long school year. From all of our staff, we wish you a safe and happy summer, and we can’t wait to see you again in the fall.


The Editors
James, Micah, Ella, and Kevin

Senior Bios (2-7)
Cloud Gazing, An Illustration (8)
Forestry in the Pinelands (9-11)
Adventures of a Squig (12)
The Great Bay of Dover, New Hampshire (13)
Conservation vs. Preservation: The Debate over Sparta Mountain (14-16)
Prime Real Estate (17)
Funky Fungi (18-19)
Unification of Man and Nature (20)
Sexy Zombie Frogs! (21)
Ocean Commotion (22)
A Quotable Quote (23)
The Green Glossary (24)
How to Make Chocolate Covered Grasshoppers (25)
Women You Are Accustomed To (26)
Eco-Friendly Summer Activities (27)
Spirited Away: More Political and Sad than You Remember (28-29)
MADA: Mothers Against Drunk Animals (30-31)
Canine or Coral? (32-33)
A Look Back (34-35)
Trail Mix (36)

Our Current EPIB Trail -- May 2018